Cybercrime Report: India Ranks 80th Worldwide [Current Affairs]


In 2023, India ranked as the 80th most targeted country for cybercrime globally. Local threats affected approximately 34% of users, resulting in the blocking of 74,385,324 incidents by Kaspersky products. The country’s cybersecurity market reached USD 6.06 billion in 2023, yet the surge in sophisticated external cyber threats poses a significant challenge for enterprises, according to IDC.

Local Threats Analysis

  • Ranking: India placed 80th globally in terms of local threat targeting in 2023.
  • Impact: Nearly 34% of Indian users experienced local threats, leading to the blocking of over 74 million incidents.
  • Nature of Threats: Includes malicious programs directly on users’ devices and removable media, as well as those initially hidden within complex installers or encrypted files.

Enterprise Response

  • Outsourcing Trend: About 67% of Indian enterprises are planning to outsource key aspects of their security landscape to managed security service providers within the next three years.
  • Reasoning: The surge in sophisticated cyber threats coupled with the adoption of AI and digital payments necessitates continuous improvement in cybersecurity measures to safeguard assets and maintain stakeholder trust.


Cybercrime Report: India Ranks 80th Worldwide_40.1



Cybercrime Report: India Ranks 80th Worldwide_50.1


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