PM’s 110th Mann Ki Baat Episode Aired On Feb 25, 2024 [Current Affairs]


In the 110th episode of ‘Mann Ki Baat’, Prime Minister Narendra Modi celebrates the remarkable contributions of women across India. With Women’s Day around the corner, he highlights the inspiring journey of women like Sunita Devi, affectionately known as “Drone Didi,” who are breaking barriers and transforming lives. From mastering drone technology to revolutionizing agriculture in villages, women are scripting a new narrative of empowerment and progress.

Empowering Women in Natural Farming and Conservation

Prime Minister Modi acknowledges the pivotal role of women in natural farming, water conservation, and sanitation. He engages in a conversation with Kalyani Prafulla Patil, who shares her experiences in implementing organic farming techniques and spearheading water conservation initiatives. Their stories underscore the significant strides women are making towards sustainable development and environmental preservation.

Harnessing Technology for Wildlife Conservation

Ahead of World Wildlife Day, Prime Minister Modi sheds light on innovative approaches to wildlife conservation leveraging technology. He highlights initiatives like the use of artificial intelligence to mitigate human-tiger conflicts in Chandrapur and the development of drones for monitoring crocodiles in Uttarakhand. These technological interventions exemplify India’s commitment to safeguarding its rich biodiversity.

Preserving Cultural Heritage and Language Diversity

Prime Minister Modi pays tribute to individuals like Bhim Singh Bhavesh and Mohammad Manshah, who are dedicated to preserving cultural heritage and indigenous languages. Their efforts in promoting regional languages and folk traditions reflect India’s cultural richness and linguistic diversity.

Youth Empowerment and Civic Engagement

Encouraging youth participation in civic affairs, Prime Minister Modi urges first-time voters to exercise their franchise responsibly. He emphasizes the importance of active engagement in the electoral process and calls upon influencers from various fields to inspire and mobilize youth participation.

A Break Amidst Election Season

In light of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, Prime Minister Modi announces a temporary hiatus for ‘Mann Ki Baat’ to uphold political neutrality. However, he urges citizens to continue sharing their achievements and societal contributions on social media using the hashtag #MannKiBaat.

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