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Free Fire has an impressive tier ranking system with different tiers and ranks. Players can reach higher tiers to get more astonishing titles and rewards for themselves in the game, but that’s easier said than done. However, with proper strategies, players can quickly access these higher tiers to get more competitive lobbies and improve their game sense and skillset.

Gamers can also use different characters and their unique abilities to gain an advantage when they’re pushing their rank in the CS or Clash Squad mode. This article will discuss the five best Free Fire character abilities to use to safely rank up in the CS mode.

Free Fire players can use these abilities to rank up safely in CS mode

5) Riptide Rhythm – Skyler


Skyler has one of the most useful abilities in CS. His Riptide Rhythm skill is great for players who play a support role. With this skill, players can destroy up to five gloo walls within a range of 50 meters. By destroying the gloo wall cover, players can quickly eliminate their opponents in the open area.

4) Healing Heartbeat – Dimitri


The Dimitri character is one of the recently-introduced characters in the game. His ability is called Healing Heartbeat and is similar to DJ Alok’s ability. Upon activating the skill, the user can create a 3.5-meter healing zone where players can heal 3HP per second. At its initial upgrade level, the skill lasts for 10 seconds with a cooldown period of 85 seconds.

3) Jiu-Jitsu mode and Psychology mode – K


K has one of the most exclusive abilities in the game. His Master of All skill helps players gain an extra 50 EP per user. Moreover, the character has two unique abilities called Jiu-Jitsu mode and Psychology mode. With the Jiu-jitsu mode, allies within the 6-meter radius receive a 500 percent boost in the EP conversion rate (5 EP to 5 EP every second). And the Psychology mode helps players get 3 EP every 2.2 seconds.

2) Xtreme Encounter – Xayne


Xayne is another great character for players to use in the Clash Squad mode. Her Xtreme Encounter skill helps players to get 80 HP temporarily. Players can use the extra HP to eliminate enemies and reach their desired score in the mode.

The skill also allows the user to deal an extra 80 percent damage to gloo walls and shields. With this ability, players can destroy the opponent’s cover and take them out when they’re most vulnerable.

1) Drop the Beat – DJ Alok


DJ Alok is considered one of the most versatile characters in Free Fire, and his skill is of great use in CS. DJ Alok’s Drop the Beat skill helps players create a 5-meter healing aura. Inside the aura, players can restore 5HP per second for five seconds. The extra healing boost, along with a 10 percent increase in movement speed, can help players defeat their opponents easily.

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