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Choosing a drop location in Free Fire is important. If players don’t choose wisely, they could have to fight numerous opponents during the early game.

As surprising as this may sound, many seek to engage in early-game fights. For these daredevils, the best places to land are hot-drop zones.

Fights break out from the moment users land until only one gamer or squad is left alive. Although these places are dangerous, they give individuals the chance to improve their K/D ratio.

While there are many such locations across the various maps, these five offer some of the most intense fights.


Note: Sportskeeda does not encourage Indian players to play Free Fire since it is banned in the country. They can opt for the MAX version instead.

These hot-drop locations are suitable for securing early-game kills in Free Fire

5) Clock Tower


Clock Tower is one of the most intense hot-drop areas on the Bermuda map in Free Fire. What makes it deadly is that gamers can approach this site from all sides. Those who land here are left exposed and must fight tooth and nail to secure the area.

Even when enemies in the immediate area are killed, more are liable to rotate from other locations such as Factory and Hanger. On a good day, players landing here can easily secure half a dozen kills.

4) Refinery


Refinery is one of the most intriguing locations on the Kalahari map in Free Fire. It’s located in the center and is surrounded by active combat zones throughout the match.

What makes this place good for hot-drops is its geo-positioning and good loot. Even after the early-game stage ends, users can find opponents entering the region in hopes of finding gear or a strategic foothold.

3) Command Post


For Free Fire gamers who love close-range fights and constant shootouts, Command Post is the best location for them to land. The area is a hot-drop zone unlike any other, with numerous buildings to hide in, multiple escape routes, and good loot.

Players landing here should be wary while entering buildings as opponents are bound to be lurking in corners. Once the area has been secured, those looking to get more kills can make their way to the nearby Refinery.

2) Peak


When envisioning a “King of the hill” type of landing area, Peak is the first thing that comes to mind. As the name suggests, this elevated portion of land offers users the chance to solidify their position on high ground.

From this area, they have a clear line of sight to all nearby locations and can set up kill zones with ease. Those landing here should be prepared for an intense fight early in the game, given how popular the area is.

1) Forest Red


Found on the Alpine map, Forest Red will test a gamer’s skill level to the extreme. The location is attached to a river, making rotating out of the area rather tricky, but this works both ways.

After securing loot and the area itself, players can set up a kill zone overlooking the river. When an opponent begins to cross over to the other side, they can be shot at and killed quickly.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer’s opinions.

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