FF- Best ways to get Free Fire Unlimited Diamonds after Free Fire OB34 Update

FF Unlimited Diamonds – Best ways to get Free Fire Unlimited Diamonds after Free Fire OB34 Update: Diamonds are among the most essential utilities in Garena Free Fire and Free Fire Max. Diamonds are a must to buy any item in the game. Thus the demand for diamonds in Free Fire Max and Free Fire is always high.

Players often resort to diamond generators to get Free Unlimited Diamonds. Thus, players put their personal information at risk by installing illegal applications and risking Free Fire accounts. However, players must use legitimate methods of obtaining the diamond.

FF Unlimited Diamonds: Best ways to get Free Fire Unlimited Diamonds after Free Fire OB34 Update

The methods mentioned below will provide Unlimited Diamonds directly or indirectly. These methods are perfectly valid but do not guarantee Unlimited Diamonds every day. So, players need to be patient.

  • Google Opnion Rewards
  • Redeem codes
  • Giveaways
  • GPT apps and websites

Google Opinion Rewards


Google Opinion Rewards app is a survey application from Google that generates a lot of queries related to users’ search history activity. After this Google Opinion Rewards also provides surveys based on random topics.

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Thus, Google Opinion Rewards is the easiest way to get free Google Play Credit by participating in two to three minute long surveys or quizzes. However, one must note that Google Opinion Rewards generates surveys at different frequencies.

Redeem codes

Free Fire Indian Server Rewards Website

Players can get various rewards by using Free Fire Redeem Codes. These rewards vary from loadout accessories, cards, and vouchers to item skins, outfits, glue walls, and emotes.

In these coveted awards, one can use the 12 characters FF redeem code to earn diamonds, but the availability of these awards is quite rare.


Also, giveaways are the best way for gamers to get Free Unlimited Diamonds. Many content creators regularly hold giveaways contests. Players can follow YouTubers and Streamers in the Free Fire community for updates on Diamond Giveaways.

In addition to giveaways competitions, gamers can participate in custom room matches, where they can be found on the Discord servers of well-known creators. Therefore, gamers can use their skill-set to get unlimited diamonds and other coveted free prizes in the game.

GPT apps and websites

free fire free diamonds

There are plenty of get-paid-to (GPT) apps and websites available online that offer a range of free rewards. It consists of completing tasks to collect free rewards.

There are many gift cards in these apps as free rewards, which one can use to earn unlimited in-game diamonds. Thus, gamers can collect maximum gift cards for platforms such as Amazon, Netflix, PayPal, and Google Play.

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Any user can get the above-mentioned gift cards by doing simple tasks like taking a survey or answering a quiz.

Some of the major GPT apps that offer Google Play gift cards include Poll Pay, Easy Rewards, Polpay and Swagbucks, etc. Thus, the user can get unlimited diamonds.

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