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Guilds serve as a group or community of players in Garena Free Fire. These virtual groups allow players to complete a set of missions together and compete with rival squads to reach higher guild ranks and claim a plethora of rewards. Furthermore, guilds also allow users to claim various items from the in-game store.

Thus, for the sake of competitive thrill and obtaining rewards, gamers tend to join guilds. The entry of users to a specific guild in Free Fire often depends upon eligibility criteria with regard to the guild. Therefore, it sometimes becomes difficult for users to find and join a suitable guild despite the availability of various options.

In terms of guild names, it’s better to go with something unique that has special symbols. This article can help players achieve that.

Guilds in Garena Free Fire: How to create a group with unique names

Players can create a guild for themselves and set the eligibility criteria to allow their in-game friends to join the same. They can follow the steps given below to learn how to create a guild in Free Fire:

Spot and tap on the  Guilds icon (Image via Garena)
Spot and tap on the Guilds icon (Image via Garena)

Step 1: Open the game and tap on the Guilds icon given on the right in the lobby.

Tap on the Create Guild button (Image via Garena)
Tap on the Create Guild button (Image via Garena)

Step 2: Players need to click on the Create Guild button.

Fill in the required details (Image via Garena)
Fill in the required details (Image via Garena)

Step 3: Fill in the required fields like name, slogan, and approval method (auto or approval).

Step 4: To create the guild, players will have to pay 1000 diamonds or 5000 gold.

After paying the required sum, the game will create a guild that players can then use to participate in Guild Tournaments and claim several rewards.


In the aforementioned step 3, the player can use a stylish name for their guilds that may include special symbols and fonts. They can click here for some suggestions regarding the best guild names.

If players want to use a stylish guild name, they can also use the name generator websites for suggestions. However, they must note that they can only use 3-12 characters for guild names.

Changing the guild name costs 500 diamonds (Image via Garena)
Changing the guild name costs 500 diamonds (Image via Garena)

Players can copy a stylish name from websites like Nickfinder.com or Fortnite Name Font. They can paste the name as instructed in step 3 before creating a guild.


Furthermore, if players have already created a guild and want to change the name, they can do so in the guild section by spending 500 diamonds.

Disclaimer: Free Fire has been banned in India as of February 2022, so Indian fans can use the MAX variant to access their player IDs and guilds.

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