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Free Fire MAX has been in the limelight since its release and the massive size of the active player base reflects its huge success. The regular addition of fresh and fascinating in-game collectibles plays a vital role in attracting gamers to this shooter.

Cosmetics in Free Fire MAX can be obtained by both spending and non-spending gamers. However, for obvious reasons, the majority of players seek freebies. The streamlined in-game events provide gamers with opportunities to grab interesting rewards for free.

In this article, mobile gamers will learn about some of the most desired rewards that can be claimed this month.

Free Fire MAX: Guide to acquiring free custom room cards and emotes in May 2022


May 2022 is filled with surprises for Free Fire MAX players. Numerous free items are already awaiting players and many are on their way to enter the battle royale title. The most prestigious official tournament, Free Fire World Series (FFWS), will be held this month and hence many themed and exclusive items are being introduced into the game.

The following section contains the procedures to obtain specific custom room cards and emotes.

Normal (casual) custom room card

FF World Series 2022 event calendar (Image via Garena)
FF World Series 2022 event calendar (Image via Garena)

The casual custom room card has been kept as a free reward in the ‘Pick N Win’ event as shown in the FFWS event calendar. The FFWS event started on 3 May 2022, and will carry on until 24 May 2022. Notably, gamers will have to be active in the Pick N Win mini event from May 13 to win casual match custom room cards.

The Pick N Win event seems to be a quiz event or users may have to play matches to collect tokens and exchange them to get the rewards. A FFWS themed loot box and Gold Royale voucher will also be there for the same event task along with the room card.

Premium (Red) custom room card and Soul Shaking Emote

Red custom room card is one of the premium items in FF MAX (Image via Garena)
Red custom room card is one of the premium items in FF MAX (Image via Garena)

Premium custom room cards provide gamers with more customization and adjustable options. It is available for free via the MAX Exclusive event in which players will have to complete missions, collect flame tokens, and then exchange 10 tokens for this particular room card.

However, it will only be valid for the next three hours from the time of claiming it. Free Fire MAX gamers can use the card to create custom rooms unlimited times within three hours.

Another appealing reward in the same event is the Soul Shaker emote. It also has to be redeemed using the flame tokens, numbering 15. It should be quite exciting for players as this is a permanent reward.

Weight of Victory emote

The Weight of Victory emote won't cost any diamonds (Image via Garena)
The Weight of Victory emote won’t cost any diamonds (Image via Garena)

The Weight of Victory is a FFWS themed reward that can be acquired via the FFWS Top Up event. In Top Up events, gamers need to top up a specified amount of diamonds. Upon doing so, they can claim the corresponding items.

For this particular emote, users must top up (purchase) at least 300 diamonds via any of the methods they prefer. i.e., either through the in-game top-up center or websites such as Games Kharido. The FFWS Top Up event has a deadline of 19 May 2022.

Note: The rewards in the top-up events do not cost diamonds. These are rewarded for just performing paricular tasks.

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