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The V Badge has turned into a prestigious item in both Free Fire and its MAX version. It was added in December 2020 as part of the OB25 update, and it is considered exclusive, since only the game’s partners can receive it.

This badge is displayed over the profile and helps the partners set themselves apart from the other players within the match. It has become important to the extent that users look for ways to acquire it. The V Badge is just one of the many perks for which gamers are eligible by joining the game’s Partner Program.

Note: Players will have to apply for the Free Fire Partner Program, and if they are selected, the V Badge will be available on their ID in the MAX version. The regular version of the game is banned in India and gamers from the country should avoid playing the battle royale title.

How to get V Badge in Free Fire and the MAX version

All Free Fire players who have been around for a few updates will be well aware that V Badge is limited to partners, and that they will have to join the Partner Program to acquire it.

For anyone unaware, the Partner Program is essentially a unique program that Garena developed intending to help content creators in their pursuit of becoming famous on YouTube. It provides the members with a long list of exciting perks, assisting the users in continuing to grow.

Here are the requirements that players must meet for the program (Image via Garena)
Here are the requirements that players must meet for the program (Image via Garena)

The requirements for the V Badge are as follows:

  • YouTube channels with over 1,00,000 subscribers
  • Minimum 80%-content based on the game and 3,00,000 channel views in the last 30 days
  • Consistent content quality and social media activity.
  • Creators with professionalism and willingness to work hard
  • Content that is clean, non-offensive and engaging
  • Individuals with a passion for gaming and a drive to succeed together.

If users think that they meet the requirements, they may apply to join the program by following the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Go to the official Partner Program website and press the ‘Apply Now’ button.

Gamers will need to tap on the Apply Now button (Image via Garena)
Gamers will need to tap on the Apply Now button (Image via Garena)

Step 2: A form will soon open up on their screen, where details like their name, phone number, channel details, type of content, address and more have to be entered.

Step 3: Finally, YouTubers can submit the form to complete their application for the program.

Interested personnel must remember that meeting the requirements does not guarantee a spot in the Free Fire Partner Program, as only the best candidates get chosen. Users can patiently wait for a response from the developers.

It is also important to note that the form is currently active but may not be accessible for long, so users must act quickly.

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