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Free Fire’s next patch update, OB34, is expected to launch later this month. Garena has unveiled the Advance Server for the upcoming OB34 update, which was revealed on 12 May 2022. Thus, users can download the APK file and use the Activation Code to enjoy unreleased content.

The OB34 Advance Server has revealed the probable buffs, nerfs, and other adjustments that fans can witness in the patch update. Many new additions have been featured in the latest Advance Server, including a new mystery character (active ability) and a shark-like pet named Finn.

Free Fire OB34: The latest Advance Server features new character and pet abilities

New pet and character abilities have been unveiled in the Free Fire OB34 Advance Server (Image via Garena)
New pet and character abilities have been unveiled in the Free Fire OB34 Advance Server (Image via Garena)

Players can download, install, and activate the Advance Server APK client using the Activation Code and the download link provided on the official website. After successfully launching the app, they can play matches to view the new gameplay optimizations or browse through different sections to view other in-game adjustments and additions.

They can spot a new mystery character and a new pet in respective in-game sections. However, readers who have not installed the Advance Server APK can find out more about the new character and pet abilities here.

Mystery character

New mystery character with Senses Shockwave active ability (Image via Garena)
New mystery character with Senses Shockwave active ability (Image via Garena)

Ability – Senses Shockwave (active)

Upon hitting the ability button, the “Senses Shockwave” skill will release a drone, which will move towards the nearest opponent within a 100-meter frontal distance. The drone will then create a five-meter diameter pulse explosion that will snip the agility and firing speed of the enemy by 50% and 10%, respectively.


The pulse blast will also deal 25 damage to the opponent, while the reduction effects of the same will last for five seconds. After the culmination of the effects, it will take 140 seconds for the ability to recharge again, but users can upgrade “Senses Shockwave” to enhance its capabilities as follows:

Level 1:

  • Decrease in firing speed: 10%
  • CD: 140 seconds

Level 2:

  • Decrease in firing speed: 15%
  • CD: 130 seconds

Level 3:

  • Decrease in firing speed: 20%
  • CD: 120 seconds

Level 4:

  • Decrease in firing speed: 25%
  • CD: 110 seconds

Level 5:

  • Decrease in firing speed: 30%
  • CD: 100 seconds

Level 6:

  • Decrease in firing speed: 35%
  • CD: 90 seconds

New pet – Finn

Finn's ability is known as Dash Splash (Image via Garena)
Finn’s ability is known as Dash Splash (Image via Garena)

Skill – Dash Splash

Finn is the name of the new Free Fire pet who resembles King Shark from The Suicide Squad. However, Garena has revealed no information on the character’s supposed inspiration.


“Dash Splash” is the name of Finn’s skill, which grants a 4% increase in movement speed to the owner and allies whenever a player gets knocked down or eliminated within a 20-meter radius. The effects last for two seconds with a CD of 120 seconds.

“Dash Splash” has the following level-ups:

Skill level 1 (Pet Level 1)

  • Duration – Two seconds
  • CD – 120 seconds

Skill level 2 (Pet Level 5)

  • Duration – Three seconds
  • CD – 110 seconds

Skill level 3 (Pet Level 7)

  • Duration – Five seconds
  • CD – 90 seconds

Both character and pet abilities will likely arrive in Free Fire and its MAX variant via the OB34 update. Fans will have to wait a few weeks for the official announcement from Garena’s side for confirmation.

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