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The Play-ins of the Free Fire World Series 2022 have just finished and the 4 best teams have reached the finals. After a series of six grueling matches, the Indonesian team ECHO Esports came out on top with 39 kills and 84 points. The team demonstrated why Indonesia is known as one of the powerhouses in Free Fire.

Attack all around showed consistent gameplay to grab second place with 83 points while Brazilian powerhouse Vivo Keyd settled for third place with two booyahs and 82 points.

V Gaming from Vietnam showed the power of placement points as they played passively to occupy the fourth place with 77 points. Despite taking booyah in the last match, Ignis Esports had to settle for fifth place as they failed to qualify for the FFWS finals. Pakistani team House of Blood had a bad run as they placed eighth in the overall rankings.

Qualified teams for the Free Fire World Series 2022 finals

1. ECHO Esports (Indonesia)

2. Attack All Around (Thailand)

3. Vivo Keyd (Brazil)

4. V Gaming (Vietnam).

FFWS 2022 Play-Ins overall standings (Image via Garena)
FFWS 2022 Play-Ins overall standings (Image via Garena)

FFWS 2022 Play-ins match overview

The first match of the day was won by ECHO Esports with a whopping 14 kills. AAA Esports came close second while Ignis Esports claimed the third place with their patience.

Vivo Keyd bagged booyah in the second and fourth matches of the day with eight and 12 frags, respectively. V Gaming, with their patient gameplay, also did well in both those matches.

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V Gaming, with their signature safe gameplay, was able to claim the third match with just four frags. Ignis and LGDS went all out to secure the second and third place with 10 and 13 frags, respectively.

AAA showed their class in the fifth match by coming out on top with 10 kills. ECHO also did well to claim second place with 12 kills.

Ignis Esports placed first place in the sixth match with 12 frags, followed by Vivo Keyd and V Gaming with seven and five frags, respectively.

The four qualified teams, along with eight regional/country champions, will meet for one final bout on May 21, 2022 for the global title.

Free Fire World Series 2022 Sentosa Finals teams revealed (Image via Garena)
Free Fire World Series 2022 Sentosa Finals teams revealed (Image via Garena)

FFWS 2022 Grand Finals

  1. LOUD (Brazil)
  2. Evos Divine (Indonesia)
  3. Team Flash (Vietnam)
  4. Mineros Esports (Latin America)
  5. Farang (MCP)
  6. Wask (MENA)
  7. Evos Phoenix (Thailand)
  8. Vastomundo (European Union)
  9. ECHO Esports(Indonesia)
  10. Attack All Around (Thailand)
  11. Vivo Keyd (Brazil)
  12. V Gaming (Vietnam).

The FFWS 2022 Finals will be full of excitement as all qualified teams are the top contenders for the trophy and all of them have the potential to win the title.

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