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The Free Fire OB34 Advance Server has been available for the past few years. With its arrival, players have been given a chance to try out various new features, including the Mystery Character, a new game mode, and others.

Like most past iterations, the test server also features numerous character ability changes, which might take place in the official OB34 release. This will include alterations in the skills of characters like Chrono, Skyler, and Xayne.

Chrono buff, Skyler nerf, and all character changes in Free Fire OB34 Advance Server

Here’s a list of the characters, alongside the particular changes that have taken place:



The sole modification to Chrono is the cooldown time, as all the other characteristics remain untouched. After the update, the time at each level will be 150/140/130/120/110/100 seconds, enabling users to utilize it more frequently.


The cooldown time has been increased (Image via Garena)
The cooldown time has been increased (Image via Garena)

Skyler’s ability in the Free Fire OB34 Advance Server has been slightly nerfed. It is essentially the inverse of the Chrono modification, as the cooldown duration of his skill has been raised. It will be 85/80/75/70/65/60 seconds at different levels.



Xayne has received the most significant buff in the Advance Server. All three features of the ability – HP gained, damage against gloo walls and shields, and cooldown – have been improved over the standard version, making the character a more potent option for aggressive players.


Different cooldown times have been added instead of a constant time (Image via Garena)
Different cooldown times have been added instead of a constant time (Image via Garena)

Drop the Beat of Alok has also been altered. The cooldown duration is set at 45 seconds in the global version. However, it differs for each level of the character when looking at the ability within the ongoing Advance Server.


There's an increase in the cooldown of A124's ability (Image via Garena)
There’s an increase in the cooldown of A124’s ability (Image via Garena)

A124 was completely overhauled with the OB33 release, putting the character into the meta. Nonetheless, the developers increased the total cooldown duration to make her ability more balanced.



Garena has nerfed Misha by slightly reducing the boost in driving speed and the overall damage taken.


Cooldown increase in Steffie's ability (Image via Garena)
Cooldown increase in Steffie’s ability (Image via Garena)

Like a few other characters on this list, Steffie’s ability has also witnessed a rise in the overall cooldown time. However, other parts of the ability remain unchanged.


Damage to gloo walls has been lowered (Image via Garena)
Damage to gloo walls has been lowered (Image via Garena)

Nairi is another character to be nerfed, and the unique skill will increase damage to gloo walls by 20% at the base level, compared to the original 30% in the global client.



Kenta was recently added with the Free Fire OB33 update. His ability has been improved by increasing the damage reduction percentage, increasing the duration, and decreasing the cooldown.

Note: Changes in the Advance Server aren’t guaranteed to occur, and the developers can make further alterations.

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