FF – How to get free character and bundle : Official Sarkar

Free Fire MAX players have always been interested in top-up events. These events offer players certain rewards after they purchase a specified number of diamonds. The Homer Top-Up event was introduced on the Indian server on 30 June 2022 and allows players to obtain the newly-added Homer character and a special bundle for free. Users … Read more

FF – How to top-up Free Fire diamonds for Season 50 Elite Pass in India : Official Sarkar

Free Fire is back with yet another Elite Pass that players can purchase to win exclusive in-game accessories. The Elite Bundle of the new pass can be purchased right now (June 29, 2022), two days before Season 50 rolls out. Similar to all the other Elite Passes, the Season 50 pass also has a special … Read more

FF – Free Fire MAX Moco Store brings epic katana and gloo wall skins for Indian server : Official Sarkar

Players on the Indian server of Free Fire MAX now have the option to get the epic gloo wall and katana skins with the launch of the newest Moco Store in the game. It is one of the ‘luck royales’ where players can collect six rewards by spending diamonds. This time around, Grand Prizes include … Read more

FF – How to get rare Free Fire MAX bundles for cheap in new event : Official Sarkar

The Free Fire MAX developers often come up with events that allow players to acquire in-game accessories for cheap. A recent event, Value Pack, was introduced today, on 27 June 2022, and it allows mobile gamers to purchase a bunch of items at a minimal rate. From pets to loot crates, there are a variety … Read more

FF – How to call back friends in Free Fire MAX to get Legendary Aqua loot box and 8x Diamond Royale vouchers : Official Sarkar

Free Fire MAX players can finally enjoy the Rampage: United mode that has been highly anticipated by a majority of the title’s community. The game has introduced a few events that players can take part in to celebrate the newly released mode. From the login event to Daily Missions, there are three major events that … Read more

FF – How to claim free facepaint and legendary skin this week : Official Sarkar

Free Fire MAX often comes up with top-up events that give mobile gamers a chance to purchase diamonds and get rewarded in exchange. Diamonds are the premium in-game currency players must purchase using real cash. In top-up events, mobile gamers must buy a certain number of diamonds to win prizes. The latest is the Rampage … Read more

FF – How to get the new ‘Yes, I do’ emote and Zasil pet today : Official Sarkar

Three types of Faded Wheel events under the Luck Royale section are currently available in Free Fire. By spending diamonds, players can acquire a list of exciting rewards in the game. From the prize pool of the Faded Wheel event, players have to eliminate two items and then start spending diamonds. With each spin, the … Read more

FF – How to get free vouchers and Aqua Rogue bundle  : Official Sarkar

Bundles are one of the most attractive items that every avid Free Fire MAX player wishes to own. These bundles are usually available in exchange for diamonds that must be purchased using real money. So when events like Rampage Fort are introduced to the battle royale game, it allows players to acquire such bundles for … Read more

FF – How to get, apps, and more : Official Sarkar

Free Fire MAX facilitates gamers with a vast inventory of fancy items. While some cosmetics are rewarded to them for free, most premium-looking ones are only obtainable by spending diamonds (in-game currency). As a premium currency, diamonds must be loaded into a user’s FF MAX ID by paying real money. Since not everyone can afford … Read more

FF – How to get free vouchers, bundle, and backpack skin : Official Sarkar

Free Fire MAX is known to introduce new events and rewards from time to time, offering rewards to players for their efforts in-game. The new Rampage United mode offers a vast range of rewards that mobile gamers can claim by taking part in various matches in the battle royale game. The events were introduced on … Read more